Cross cultural email marketing

There is a lot to be said for email marketing activities in terms of their return on investment and abilities to deliver smoothly cross cultural messages.

At a time where many marketers are been urged to do even more with less as a way of compensating for lower turnover – something I like to refer as shortermism – it has become essential to carefully consider which marketing communications activities to use to meet the business’ objectives.

Email marketing provide the opportunity to drive performance and ROI if one knows where to concentrate their efforts. Crucially it allows to reach target audience just as effectively globally as it does at home.

One of the considerations when thinking about using email marketing should include understanding the habits and behaviour of your target market.

The following survey that was undertaken by ContactLab in Italy, France, Germany, Spain and the UK can help achieve just that – it identifies the most recent trends and should form part of the decision making process when considering email marketing across those markets.

Email marketing in Europe – Infography completed by ContactLab email marketing

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