Director of First Impression – making that first impression count

Have you ever wondered what your customers’ and prospects’ first impression is when they first visit your business?

Having a really good friendly, helpful and efficient receptionist (and switchboard operator!) can make a real difference to how they perceive your business, yet all too often the role isn’t seen as carrying much recognition and is rarely seen as a small but important part of your business marketing.

And yet, in New Zealand, an enlightened business has recognised just how critical a role their receptionist plays in their organisation’s customer service – so they are currently advertising for a Director of First Impressions.

You might think the job title is a little over the top. But take a wider view and their point becomes very poignant.

These days there are numerous different ways for new – and prospective – customers to ‘visit’ your business: your website, on Facebook, Twitter… even if they find you on Google and click the link – what is that crucial first impression?

Remember, it may not just be your receptionist who creates it…

Please share how you make your first impression count?

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