Give your business va-va-voom with a Twitter approach that works for you

How to Use Twitter Workshop | Thursday 6th May | From 18.00 till 20.00 | The Happiness Centre, Ilkley

I feel compelled to say that if you aren’t interested in genuinely engaging with your customers, don’t use Twitter for your business. But if you are ready to start a conversation about your company, it can be a powerful tool to develop your brand and add many loyal customers to your following. The great thing about Twitter is that anyone can use it successfully with businesses doing so ranging from @Starbucks to @Lift_Heal. Best of all creating a Twitter account and tweeting is free!

Finding the right people and the right, natural flow of conversation is the key to meaningful Twitter use and strengthening your brand. If you believe in your business and enjoy communicating what you do, you will use Twitter successfully. Passion and good communications skills are Tweeters’ common denominator!

You will leave the workshop knowing how to use Twitter to grow your business. This will entail understanding:

  • Social media: what it is and where Twitter fits in
  • The power of Twitter: why you should Tweet
  • How to get started: set up your Twitter account and create your own Twitter page
  • How to write a successful Tweet within 140 characters
  • How to use Twitter: Retweet, get a Mention and send a Direct Message
  • How to identify new clients and engage with them!
  • Tools available to manage your tweets so that Twitter does not take over all your time!
  • Resources to manage and boost your online reputation
  • Twitter do’s and dont’s
  • What else should you be doing

Attendance to the Twitter Workshop is £40 for two delegates per business.

For anyone who has specific questions that are not answered during the workshop, I will be running a free marketing surgery from 20.00 till 21.00.

To book a place on the Twitter Workshop, please contact:

Caroline Broquere-Lartigue | Ohh la la ltd | Email: |

Mobile: 07795360660 | Twitter: @ohh_la_la | Web:

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