Leveraging the power of YouTube

It’s no secret that Google dominates the search engine scene. But do you know who comes next on the list of the top search engine websites?  Bing? Yahoo? Or Ask maybe?

For the last two years YouTube, who is actually owned by Google, has been stealing a march on the main search engine market players. The leading video channel has carved itself a significant place as one of the most preferred search engine sites, but also as one of the top social networks.

Leading international b2c, but also b2b brands, have been prompt to create video channels to allow their organisations to leverage the power of YouTube both as a search engine and a more visual way to engage with their customers.

Think about Cadbury dairy milk commercial – after being loaded on YouTube, it received a staggering 7.3 million viewing. Or Gillette “behind the scene” video clip of tennis player Roger Federer – over 8.3 million viewings from an audience who is “willing”.

Infographic source: http://engaugemedia.com/

So how can the “average” SME leverage the power of  YouTube?

Robust marketing planning is key for any business to succeed on YouTube. Just because major brands make it look effortless, doesn’t mean you should create a video and wait and see what happens.

Here are some pointers for the like of “Smith & Co” entreprise

Define what you are trying achieve

  • Before creating a channel, make sure you are using YouTube for the right reasons. Research whether your audience actually wants to engage with your business via YouTube and whether there is an opportunity for your brand to be more visible.  Be clear on your objectives before loading up any content on YouTube – whether you want to shape / manage your brand perception, or generate a call for action.
  • Remember Your Tune channel needs to be fully integrated within your marketing communications mix – not be an add-on.

 Integrate key words in your content

  • Just like with any other search engines, if you want your audience to find you, it’s imperative you research the key words you would like to rank for.
  • Fortunately help is at hand with YouTube’s equivalent of Adwords: YouTube’s Keyword Tool to help you compile the top one that will deliver the visibility you need for your business.

 Check out what your competition

  • Have a peak at your (direct and indirect) competitors’ videos that rank well using the keywords you have shortlisted in No 2 to scope what you are up against and define an approach that stands out!

 Develop a video with va va voom!

  • Whilst your video needs oomph to stand out, make sure it offers real value for your market to ensure you get positive reactions e.g. the content has a clear call for action, create a positive buzz etc. Whilst the production needn’t cost the earth, the approach needs to be consistent with the customer experience you strive to provide offline.
  • Of course don’t forget to include your key words in the video title but also description box and tags – it all helps when someone does a search!

 Get your video seen and interacted with

  • Don’t let all this handwork fall to piece by leaving your video to its own device.
  • Interact with the YouTube community at large, as well as your targeted online community on the relevant social networks to sign post and create some buzz about your video, increase its exposure, chat about it. Don’t forget to probe and monitor feedback (even if you don’t like what you read) – it will help you shape the next video you load up!

Of course that’s only the beginning…

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