Social sharing made easier

HootSuite’s social sharing tool completely simplified communications across social medias.

Imagine instead of having to log onto Twitter, then onto Facebook and maybe also on Linkedin every time you want to get your messages heard across the various social networks, to simply log onto one dashboard and be able to continue doing the same but all in one place.

Generally the Hootsuite dashboard allows you to manage all your social networks through one interface. In short you can control your social media messages from one place across your Twitter, WordPress, Linkedin, Facebook and even MySpace accounts.

If you are a business HootSuite helps you deploy your social media marketing more efficiently.  You can choose which staff members can access your accounts,  pre-schedule your tweets, update all your statuses at once, even upload images and files right into your tweets. That’s not all, you can also automatically link your blog with all your social media accounts.

You don’t have to be at your desk to this either. If like me you own an iPhone or android phone, simply download the Hootsuite App to control all your messages on the go!

How to HootSuite

Using Hootsuite is very well documented. To get started, I recommend you use Hootsuite quick starter guide:

If you are unsure on how to use Facebook and Linkedin with Hootsuite, simply follow this link:

If you get stuck, the team at Ohh la la will be happy to help you get off the ground with your Hootsuite account.

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