The colours of the web 100 ten brands

“Color is an important part of any brand, but along with the actual name of a company… Is it a great brand that builds a great company, or the other way around?”

Brilliant piece of research… Another excellent reason for you to choose carefully the colours that will underpin your brand.

At Ohh la la we firmly believe that carefully chosen colours, are key to a robust corporate identity!

For a start colours have a significant impact on people’s emotional state as each one evokes a different mood…. But that’s not all!

Colours also have a functional impact on readability and legibility as well as their ability to attract attention!

Those are all critical factors when choosing the colours that are applied to your logo and marketing collaterals ranging from your uniforms, signage or website pages.

The full research details about The Colours of the Top 100 Web Brands can be read here.

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