The French unimpressed with Eram’s portrayal of unconventional family

Eram’s new advertising campaign: “The family is sacred !” sparks wide controversy in France for portraying two women and a child as a “Family.”

Once more a major brand, this time Eram who are one of the leading manufacturers and retailers of shoes in France, find themselves the centre of controversy after challenging the accepted traditional family structure with its new advertising campaign.

Eram has received a flurry of vehement posts on their Facebook page criticising the brand for portraying two women and a child as a “family”. The campaign – perceived by many as undermining some of the core traditional family values – has attracted many stern comments advising Eram not to meddle with those sacred values.

The company, well known in France through its strapline: “One would be mad to be spending more!” produces over 11 million pairs of shoes a year and has retail outlets in most French cities and towns, as well as an extensive global franchise network.

With so many clients announcing their intention to stop shopping at Eram, the company has issued a statement on Facebook inviting people to express their view in a dedicated area. Comments from disgruntled people already include: “The family is sacred, Eram is over!”

Interestingly enough, early in June this year, the National Assembly of France voted 293-222 against legalising same-sex marriage… A clear indication for advertisers that even French tolerance has its boundaries.

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