The power of the Chanel brand

After seeing THE handbag of the season in Grazia Magazine earlier this week, I felt that I had no choice yesterday as I walked pass Marks & Spencer, than to step in to purchase it.

I spotted the object of my desire within second of stepping inside M&S. There it was proudly displayed on a top shelf. In my haste to grab my new handbag before someone else did, I almost knocked the shelf down… This is the power of brand association or let’s say successful marketing!


So what is so compelling about THIS handbag? As soon as my eyes caught a glipmse of it in Grazia, my mind immediately associated it with Chanel. The bag’s style, its ladylike shape, elegance and distinctiveness oozes Chanel (but with an M&S price tag, making it a lot more affordable). But why this urge for a look-alike Chanel handbag right now? The movie of course… Coco before Chanel, brings back the brand to the forefront of our mind. In my case a french upringing too… Coming to think about it, I now recall that on Sundays, my grand-ma always wore chanel style outfits from top to toes; the tweed jacket, the pencil skirt, the shoes, the brooch even the hairstyle… yet it was nothing but elegantly perfect.

There is no doubt the legendary french designer left the world an amazing legacy. Not just in terms of the unique Chanel’s fashion style but also in terms of brand inspiration (and aspiration, may I add!).

Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel was instrumental in changing women’s life. As Edmonde Charles-Roux once rightly observed, Chanel installed the women in the twentieth century, if not the twenty first century. Coco Chanel as  unslaved women from their clothes. She created uniquely styled classic Haute-Couture pieces that are just as in fashion now as they were sixty years ago but also wearable items ranging from the little tweed jacket to the small black dress and of course. She then allowed every women to own a piece of the brand with perfume No 5 and many others.

Chanel’s anti-conformist personality, vision and  difficult upbringing made the Chanel’s brand. The brand’s values hinge on elegance, luxury, exceedingly good quality, attention to detail and a general ‘less is more’ approach. People  are still buy a piece of  that French ‘je ne sais quoi’ when they purchase a Chanel branded item.

I can’t help but wondering what Coco Chanel who loved to say «La mode se démode, le style jamais» (fashion goes out of fashion, style never does), would have made of my M&S handbag purchase?

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