What successful social media accounts and pyramids have in common?

Eight years on from launching Ohh la la, one frequent complaint we hear time and time again when we meet up with new potential B2B and B2C clients is that their social networks are not really going anywhere – “so what’s the point?” Sure they get some retweets, a couple of likes and a handful of new followers every month but none of those convert into tangible benefits to their business.

Yet when we start asking them the right questions, it often becomes clear that they haven’t got the basics right. It’s disheartening to hear for small business who think they can get quick wins without having to invest much cash in their social networks. But the truth is there’s so much more to social media marketing than a tweet or a post! And there are no shortcuts.

Take the ancient Egyptians. They successfully achieved the seemingly impossible when building the pyramids. Using highly strategic, logical, and methodical approaches they managed to create masterful structures that could stand the test of time – and did.

While we are not suggesting that social networks should outlive their owners or for that matter become their lives, it is essential to follow certain rules to make sure they stand out and don’t falter.

Here’s are five top considerations to build your social media pyramid:

  1. Strategic thinking is essential. And we don’t mean having a stand-alone social media strategy. It all starts with your marketing plan. Be clear on how and where social media fits in your marketing mix, what it’s going to deliver for your business and don’t loose sight of who it’s aimed at. Clearly define the personas you want to engage with. From your customers to your suppliers and other influencers – you may be surprised just how many there are!
  2. Be prepared for your audience to get in touch. Social media isn’t just about promoting your business and enhancing its reputation. Even if you’re a one man (or woman!) band, social media also concern sales, customer service, recruitment, etc.! So you’ll need to set clear objectives to support effectively those areas. Such as being prepared to respond to customers venting their frustration on Twitter or addressing potential applicants enquiries about a vacancy.
  3. It’s a cliché we know but one size truly doesn’t fit all. Don’t feel obliged to have a Facebook account just because your best buddy’s business gets great results from it. There are many social media platforms to choose from and it’s important to prioritise those that will deliver the most for your business within your budgetary and time resources.
  4. Consider your social media budget as you would an investment. Set some SMART objectives beforehand so you can monitor what it delivers for your business. The beauty about social media is that there are some excellent analytics tool available (as well as those provided by the social networks) so there really are no excuses for not knowing how your social networks are performing and taking corrective actions as and when necessary before it’s late!
  5. Be realistic and be prepared to be consistent. Tweeting twice a day, once a week has never achieved anything for anyone – unless maybe if you are Kim Kardashian… Whether your objectives are bold or more modest, you need to be prepared to invest time and money in your social networks’ community management. If this is handled internally don’t think you are saving the money by delegating it to a trainee or your PA. They may – or may not be – the best people to represent your business and have the acumen needed or be really pro-active and engaging enough to implement your social media strategy and to build your sales online.

Who do you trust to implement your social media activities? Is it the role of your MD, your Marketing Manager, your Sales Director?

Our readers would love you to share your experiences with them.

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